SpectraStar™ 2400 RTW Introduced

SpectraStar™ 2400 RTW Introduced

Purcellville, VA – February, 2007 – Unity Scientific, Inc., a leading global supplier of NIR spectrometers, has introduced the SpectraStar 2400 Rotating Top Window system. The SpectraStar 2400 RTW has rotating sample capability and is ideal for a variety of applications in the food, feed, agricultural, tobacco, dairy, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets. This NIR system scans the optimum wavelength range of 1200-2400nm in 1nm steps. This range guarantees accuracy by encompassing the primary combination bands of C-H, N-H and O-H bonds found in all major constituents such as fat, protein, moisture, starch, fiber, carbohydrates, amino acids, and sugar. Using the longer wavelengths from 1800-2400nm improves sensitivity, accuracy, signal to noise ratio, and results at low concentrations and is critical to accurately analyzing these constituents.

The SpectraStar 2400 RTW contains a built-in PC and features touch screen operation. All results and raw data are automatically stored on the computer hard drive. The SpectraStar is fully network-able and LIMS compatible, allowing results to be accessed and reviewed easily. The SpectraStar can be configured with a modem to allow customers or Unity Technical Specialists to upload data, maintain and download calibrations, and configure the system from remote locations.

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