New SmartSampler Introduced

New SmartSampler Introduced

Brookfield, CT, May 2012 – Unity Scientific, a global leading supplier of Near Infrared (NIR) equipment announces that it has released the new SmartSampler™ that is designed for use with the company’s line of SpectraStar™ and InfraStar™ systems. The SmartSampler is the perfect solution for customers who consistently run large numbers of samples such as forage labs, seed breeders, agricultural labs, and any customer who requires unattended analysis so they can perform other tasks in the laboratory. The system consists of three towers that hold standard ring cups. Each tower can hold up to 24 samples, for a total of 72 samples. A batch method is then programmed into the InfoStar™ software to define the samples and their locations. Multiple sample types can be loaded and predicted against their appropriate calibration models all within one sample run. All results from the instrument are stored by batch run and by product type in Excel format. Including scanning time, each sample is analyzed in less than 1 minute, allowing for high throughput and efficiency. Existing SpectraStar and InfraStar systems can be easily retrofitted to incorporate the new SmartSampler.

“The new SmartSampler is truly an advanced design from previous near infrared auto samplers offered in the market”, comments Rob Gajewski, Product Manager for Unity Scientific. “It was important that we designed the sampler so that it could use the sample cups that are standard in the industry. Customers who run hundreds of samples per day have large quantities of these cups already in their lab and it allows them to save money when replacing an older system with the SmartSampler. Also, when upgrading to the SpectraStar or InfraStar, existing calibration databases can be easily transferred from any brand near infrared system within minutes. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to enhance their analysis capabilities and benefit from Unity’s experienced staff with the finest technical support available in the industry”, adds Gajewski.

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